Chapter 2

I slid down to my knees so I could hear Pyramus better.

 “Thisbe? Thisbe are you there?” he whispered worriedly.

“Yes, yes,” I said quickly. “Are you alright? Have we been discovered?”

 “No! I’m fine. I was worrying about you!” concern filled his voice as he spoke louder.

“Hush! We don’t want to be discovered now!”

 “Thisbe, I can’t take this much longer! I need to see you. I want to look at you when we’re speaking; I want to see the glow of your radiant smile as I profess my love to you! I need you Thisbe!” Pyramus exclaimed passionately.

“I know,” I sighed sadly. “But how? How would it be possible for us to be together without someone finding out?” There was a long pause, I began to wonder if he had gotten up and left, until he spoke.

“I know of  way…”he said, almost hesitantly.


Chapter 1

“Pyramus, I must go, someone is coming!” I whispered urgently.


“Okay my love, until tomorrow.”


I sighed and hurried over to my bed. I couldn’t get caught or else they would take away what little bit of hope I has of talking to him away. I lay silently in my, pretending to be asleep, in case whoever was moving downstairs decided to come check on me. After lying there holding my breath I finally relaxed and fell asleep thinking of Pyramus.


The next morning I awoke to the sound of someone beating on my wall. It took me a few moments to realize that it was Pyramus. I sighed dreamily at the thought of hearing his voice. As I pulled the heavy drapes back from my bed I dashed for the little hole that, coincidentally, lead to both of our rooms. This small coincidence was our only means of communication.


We grew up together, our houses side by side. Over the years we came to know and love each other. I watched as Pyramus grew into a handsome loving young man. The kind of young man most fathers want their daughters to marry. We had even panned to marry, until our parents found out. Then we were both forbidden. All because of my father’s petty jealousy.  Pyramus’s father was chosen to fight alongside the god Apollo during the Trojan War, instead of my own father. This was very silly, considering my own father was an awful swordsman, and he knew it too. But, everything is always about appearances. He was lucky he wasn’t chosen honestly; he’d be dead otherwise.


Believe In Who We Are….Tennessee 

I don’t know who reads the things I post, or who watches the news. There isn’t much news coverage on these anyways, the media is more worried about the recent election than current disasters ravaging on in one of our countries beautiful states.

For the past few days wild fires have been spreading across the Smokey Mountains. Specifically close to home for me personally. They are raging through a town called Gatlinburg Tn. Not just any town mind you, this is a tourist attraction, and neighboring it is Pigeon Forge, the birth place of Dolly Parton, home to her famous amusement park Dollywood.
Most of the fires are contained for now, the good Lord sent us the rain we’ve all been hoping and praying for, but there is still alot of work to do. As far as I know there are 4 casualties so far. Everyone had to evacuate, people lost homes, buisnesses, pets. It’s devastating.

I’ve seen some ugly tweets and posts being passed around making fun of east TN’s current situation. I don’t know who these people are that are making them, I don’t know where they are from, I don’t know their backgrounds. The posts are mean-spirited stereotypes of the people in our region and the hopes that we continue to suffer. I don’t know – nor understand – the evil hearts behind the motivation to say those things.
But I can tell you this – this is what you won’t see coming from our area…. You won’t see mass hysteria and uncontrollable chaos. You won’t see the national media in our midst stirring up fear and dissension among our citizens. You won’t see blame being put on anyone except the arsonists. You won’t see looting. You won’t see unnecessary violence. You won’t see rioting. You won’t see us on national TV acting like a bunch of crazed idiots.
What you will see is a community banding together, pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. You will see (and already see) a mass outpouring of generosity to the emergency workers and to the 2000 people in temporary shelters. You will see churches and community groups do everything in our power to help wherever needed. You will see families mourn and grieve. You will see us supporting one another and working together. You will see restoration. You will see us rebuild our beautiful region. You will see us take this ‘punch in the gut’ like a champion…
…and then we’ll carry on.
So let the haters hate. 

Let the national news media stay far, far away.

And let the Volunteer State do what it does best.

I don’t know what you believe in, but my home, my fellow Tennessean ‘ s, my beautiful Great Smokey Mountains could use all the prayers, thoughts, good vibes you can send.

A Tale of Painful Love

Prologue –

             Allow me to tell you a bitter-sweet tale. A short story of two young adults madly in love, but doomed from the start. This story is about a young couple; Pyramus and Thisbe.  Pyramus was the most handsome seventeen year old in all of Babylon. Being a lean, muscular, tan-skinned boy with hair the color chestnuts and piercing blue eyes, all the girls loved him. They followed him around like lost puppies, and fawned over him as if no other boy existed. But, he only cared for one; the loveliest maiden of all the East. He loved her pale blonde hair. The way the sunlight turned it nearly a shimmering white. She had bright green eyes, and in them shined a light so bright you would have thought nothing could extinguish it. But even the brightest of stars fade.

Well this hurts….

Wanna know what hurts? When you and the love of your life can’t fix things. So you break up.  Then 6 months later you both realize you can’t do it without the other.  

So you get back together. Things are good, but you can’t get over him leaving you. It hurts and sucks so bad.  

But things are good now. Different. So things work out. But it always hurts, and you wonder if it’s because your so fucked up now you can’t live a normal life.  

Because you made so many bad choices away away from him, but he made choices way worse then yours.  And you can’t get over the choices he made. 

Election Day

I’m not one for politics. I just don’t understand most of it, and I can’t change it so I don’t bother. But today will be a deal breaker. 

I can hardly remember when Bush was president, I remember Obama being elected. Now I’ll be witnessing either Trump or Hilary. This will go down in history.

In my honest opinion, we’re screwed either way. But no one asked me. 


When you have a fight with your significant other, it can be one of the scariest things in the world. At least to me it is. I know his past, I know what’s happened between him and past relationships. 

I have never feared him. 

He doesn’t behave the same towards me as he has others. Not even his family. I’m treated better than he treats his own family.

He, by no means, would be considered gentle in absolutely any way. But, with me has never been anything but gentle. 

He is hateful, and angry, and he doesn’t care who he hurts or how others feel.

Except when it comes to me. 

He doesn’t raise his voice. He doesn’t raise his hand. He stops, looks me in the eyes and we become the only two people in the world. He strokes my hand so gently it sends shivers down my spine. He whispers such sweet words I feel as though I’m on cloud 9.  He asks how I feel, what I want to do, if I’ve ate that day. 

He knows what I want before I want it. He goes the extra mile for me, that he has never done for anyone else. 

He is mine. He’s my sweet baby. He’s my lover. My best friend. I’ll never love another, the way I love him. 

He’ll never know I wrote this post.