A Tale of Painful Love

Prologue –

             Allow me to tell you a bitter-sweet tale. A short story of two young adults madly in love, but doomed from the start. This story is about a young couple; Pyramus and Thisbe.  Pyramus was the most handsome seventeen year old in all of Babylon. Being a lean, muscular, tan-skinned boy with hair the color chestnuts and piercing blue eyes, all the girls loved him. They followed him around like lost puppies, and fawned over him as if no other boy existed. But, he only cared for one; the loveliest maiden of all the East. He loved her pale blonde hair. The way the sunlight turned it nearly a shimmering white. She had bright green eyes, and in them shined a light so bright you would have thought nothing could extinguish it. But even the brightest of stars fade.


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