Chapter 1

“Pyramus, I must go, someone is coming!” I whispered urgently.


“Okay my love, until tomorrow.”


I sighed and hurried over to my bed. I couldn’t get caught or else they would take away what little bit of hope I has of talking to him away. I lay silently in my, pretending to be asleep, in case whoever was moving downstairs decided to come check on me. After lying there holding my breath I finally relaxed and fell asleep thinking of Pyramus.


The next morning I awoke to the sound of someone beating on my wall. It took me a few moments to realize that it was Pyramus. I sighed dreamily at the thought of hearing his voice. As I pulled the heavy drapes back from my bed I dashed for the little hole that, coincidentally, lead to both of our rooms. This small coincidence was our only means of communication.


We grew up together, our houses side by side. Over the years we came to know and love each other. I watched as Pyramus grew into a handsome loving young man. The kind of young man most fathers want their daughters to marry. We had even panned to marry, until our parents found out. Then we were both forbidden. All because of my father’s petty jealousy.  Pyramus’s father was chosen to fight alongside the god Apollo during the Trojan War, instead of my own father. This was very silly, considering my own father was an awful swordsman, and he knew it too. But, everything is always about appearances. He was lucky he wasn’t chosen honestly; he’d be dead otherwise.



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