Chapter 2

I slid down to my knees so I could hear Pyramus better.

 “Thisbe? Thisbe are you there?” he whispered worriedly.

“Yes, yes,” I said quickly. “Are you alright? Have we been discovered?”

 “No! I’m fine. I was worrying about you!” concern filled his voice as he spoke louder.

“Hush! We don’t want to be discovered now!”

 “Thisbe, I can’t take this much longer! I need to see you. I want to look at you when we’re speaking; I want to see the glow of your radiant smile as I profess my love to you! I need you Thisbe!” Pyramus exclaimed passionately.

“I know,” I sighed sadly. “But how? How would it be possible for us to be together without someone finding out?” There was a long pause, I began to wonder if he had gotten up and left, until he spoke.

“I know of  way…”he said, almost hesitantly.


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